Since the 1920s Nates Flowers  has been delivering  the joy of flowers around the Casper Area! 

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– So lucky today. We are at my very favorite flower shop, Nate’s Flowers. I’m Alisha Collins.
– I’m Rob Monroe.
– I’m Phil Monroe.
– And, I’m lucky to be in the middle of all this. Okay, So how long have you guys been in Casper? Nate’s Flowers has been around a long time.
– Oh my gosh. You know, I’m an old guy. I’ve been around here all my life, born and raised, So it’s been a long time. I’m not gonna tell you how old I am, but you know, been in this business well over 40 years, and we’ve owned it for over 25. So it’s been a while.
– And it’s been here how long?
– it’s been here..
– Nate’s Flower’s
– Well, I bought it from Nate hence the name “Nate’s”. Was a good guy, never changed the name and he bought it from a guy named Joe Hodges. And there is I can tell it was in the early 1900’s, when that actually became a flower shop. And then it’s changed locations. It was across the street one time and then it came over here and it’s been redesigned and rebuild. So, yeah, there’s a lot of history in this little business here.
– Definitely. Phil, What do you think your favorite thing about owning a flower shop is?
– You know, for me, I think it’s the challenges of getting a perishable product. You know with the perishable product you can’t manufacture it. So it’s grown and the challenge is we’re getting product from all over the world and just getting it here in the middle of the United States. It’s super challenging. And I just get excited about it every week.
– How do you pick your favorite customer, do you think?
– Oh my gosh, there’s no, that would be suicide. Actually, every customer is a favorite customer and that and we mean that from the bottom of our heart. we’re really blessed to be able to work with such a great product. I mean, what better product is there out there in the world than flowers.
– Yeah they make people’s day.
– Oh, absolutely. So, that’s, that’s the first thing. And then we’re not just dealing with a product. We’re dealing with people’s emotions on a daily basis. So we feel like we’re part of the community and we’re always involved in different things. Good, bad. You know, we’re expressing emotions for people so it’s not just flowers.
– And that really brings up a great point because you were the community partner of the year, for the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce.
– Yeah, we feel very fortunate. I tell you what, that was a very special honor. And for us to receive that, it was a surprise. But fortunately we live in a community that people are always trying to help each other. And we’re a part of that. We’re proud of that, we try to help wherever we can and to get that honor, it just blew my mind.
– It was awesome.
– Yeah.
– Yeah. Phil, what’s your favorite flower?
– I don’t know if I have a favorite now. They’re all unique and tulips are something that always gets me because once you cut them and put them in the water, they continue to grow. To me, that’s just really cool, but I like all flowers.
– What about you?
– You know what, I’m the same way with color too. People say, “what’s your favorite color?” You know, in this business, I see the widest range of spectrum of color. And, you know, they’re all beautiful in their own way. And I mean, even black in the right setting. Right. So color, I’ve never pinpointed a favorite color, I’ve never pinpointed a favorite flower, because every day that we get flowers here, It’s, I’m still to this day after all these years I think of, Oh, look at this is so cool. I mean, they’re just so beautiful and they just make your day. So it really is a treat. I mean, it really isn’t a job. It’s always been something that I’ve always enjoyed and its..
– Passion
– It is a passion.
– Yes. Well, my favorite flowers from here, I’mma pick one.
– Okay.
– Daisies, they’re my favorite
– That Daisies are cheery, they’re happy. When you see Daisies, you just pick it up.
– Yes. So this holiday season, we are promoting small business Its small businesses, really the heart of our town.
– Absolutely
– And in helping each other as small businesses that’s how we all rise.
– You bet. And that is so important for small businesses to help each other because small businesses actually help the community, a great deal. And so many small businesses, especially during COVID if you can go out there and help these guys make sure they’re staying in business and buy the products that are out there from the small business, its really appreciated. And fortunately, we live in a community, that supports small business, I’m telling you,
– Yes we do.
– And we love our customers. And that’s it, there’s no doubt about that
– For sure. See Ya, thank you guys.