Near and Far is a new furniture store where you can get unique furniture from across the world.

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– Are you looking for that perfect piece that you don’t see everywhere? Well, we have found many for you to choose from. I’m Alisha Collins.
– And I’m Lindsay Svejkovsky-Hardin.
– And I’m Elisa Nathan at Near and Far. I’m the owner here of a new furniture store we just opened in the summer in Casper.
– And you’ve all got to come check this out. The wood, the metal, all of the things in here really are Wyoming.
– I think they are. It’s really fun imported pieces that still feel like they’re from Wyoming. So they’re from there across the world and yet I think fit the lifestyle the rugged nature, and yet the refined just beauty that we have around us in Wyoming.
– And there’s just a few pieces of each. So it’s kind of one of a kind almost that you can take home and I mean, just amazing accent pieces or full sets like a couch and the sofa table and all those things.
– Yeah. And it’s funny because I think people have a hard time recognizing that. No, it really is, it’s that you can’t get another one like this like I’ve had people say, Oh, can I get several of these? No, we really can’t just because of the differences in each piece but I love that the unique nature of what we offer.
– So tell us about this a little bit and what this is and what that was made of that.
– So this like a lot of the pieces we have, is architectural salvage or things that have been repurposed. This particular bar was an ox-cart from India. And it’s been just, I think, crafted into such a gorgeous piece that it just works so beautifully as a bar. And you have to think about the story that this piece holds, and it is amazing. So it’s just, it’s got a lot of history and character to it and it’s perfectly functional and beautiful at the same time.
– And then another portion of that was used to make the shelving? Over there?
– Yep, yep. So there’s their sister pieces we thought we had to have those ones because they tell a similar story, but yeah the tongues of the Oxford have been used to make a shelf which is absolutely gorgeous.
– [Alisha] And what about the leather pieces that you have in here?
– So we do have some leather that’s the traditional Wyoming style, cow leather. And we have some Italian grade leather but the one thing that I think is really cool is we have quite a few pieces that are water buffalo leather, and that’s just not something that I was familiar with before opening the store. And so it’s been really fun, we’ve had some really beautiful pieces that have gone in and out of our door far too quickly that we’re made of water buffalo, so that’s pretty fun.
– They’re real soft
– Yeah.
– And just beautiful
– Yeah.
– And some great colors that orange over there, it’s just amazing.
– Yeah, I think it’s a really, it adds a little pop of color and some character, they’re nice. And one of my favorite things are the pictures that you have from local artists. So tell us about that.
– Well, this is the part of Near and Far that I love to tell. So the concept of course near is the local art. And then the far is the imported part. I love that we get to have all these talented and amazing people from across Wyoming who have their work showcased right here. And it’s so fun to know the artists and I’ve met new people. Some are long-time friends, they’re just have amazing skills and talents, but to be able to just have on display what Wyoming has to offer is amazing to me. And so I think that we have a lot of variety to help people find maybe one of a kind gifts or accent your home with something that’s not settled big department store piece. I just love that you can have something that is truly made by one of your neighbors.
– That’s separate from the traditional colors and just different takes on Wyoming
– [Alisha] Yeah, for sure. Well, come on down and find that perfect piece. Thank you so much.
– Thank you.