Oil City Axe Company is where you can learn axe throwing, play cornhole, giant Jenga, basketball, giant connect four or go in their rage room.

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– Have you ever thrown axe for fun? Hi, I am Alisha Collins.
 – I’m Calley Hobza with The Cadillac cowgirl.
 – And I’m Darbi Westman with Oil City Axe company.
 – And we are at Oil City Axe company. How did you come up with this amazing idea?
 – My husband, myself and our business partner, Justin Lavin actually came up with it. We were actually kind of mulling down ideas, to bring to Casper something new and fun that didn’t involve fall, go into the bars or go to the movies, or the same old stuff that we do. We actually went to one in Vegas and then that kind of where it started. And we thought that this would be a great fit for Casper.
 – I had so much fun. So how long did it take you to be able to hit the both side of an axe?
 – It really didn’t take me that long. Once you understand the fundamentals of it, and how to throw it, and not to be soft with it, it comes a lot easier than you think.
 – And it’s super, super fun.
 – Yeah. It’s so much fun.
 – I like it. Do you prefer one handed throw or two handed throw?
 – I prefer one handed.
 – One handed. I liked it a lot better once I figured it out.
 – Yep, once you understand it, single handed, I think it’s a lot easier, and then you can get a little bit more proficiency with it.
 – And you’re helping people learn how to do it. It’s not like you’re just letting them loose in here.
 – No, absolutely not. They come in, we give them like a three to five minute tutorial on how to do it, and then we kind of just let you loose, to kinda figure it out. It’s one of those things you have to figure out on your own after we kind of show you how to do it.
 – Nice, so have you gone into the rage room?
 – I have not yet.
 – Why?
 – So I didn’t know what that was so tell us what that is.
 – A rage room is basically what it sounds like, you go in there, we have anywhere from dishes, TVs, everything you can take in there and you just go in there and you smash stuff and you get a lot of aggression out.
 – All right.
 – We’ve had a lot of people last week. We’ve had people that just broke up with their boyfriend and girlfriend that went in there. Some birthday people like a lot of aggression has been led out in that rage room since we’ve been open and people are loving it.
 – Awesome. Sounds like so much fun.
 – It does. What are the other things that you have here for people to do while they’re waiting?
 – While they’re waiting, or if they’re done throwing axes, as long as you come in and you pay to play, you can play with everything else. We have cornhole, we have giant Jenga. We just got our first arcade game. We got basketball and we have the giant connect four. So as long as you paid to play here, you can stay for as long as you want. We’re actually in the process of putting a kitchen in, so that we can have a kitchen and a bar.
 – Awesome.
 – Yeah.
 – Groups of friends can come in, but you also, people can bring like their business for a party–
 – Yes.
 – Or a birthday party or whatever.
 – Yep. So we can rent this whole facility out and you can rent the whole facility out for Christmas parties or whatever. Bachelorette parties, bachelor parties. We can do gender reveals.
 –  Fun.
 – Which would be, you know what I mean? Like you do all the lanes and you pop all the balloons to the middle lane until you get to that balloon that tells the gender.
 – Hi.
 – A lot of the axe places that you go to they’ll even do like things called divorce parties.
 – Oh.
 – Yup. Where, you know, they put up pictures of your exes and you just go to town. Which I mean, you know what I mean? In a reality, I think a lot of people would love that. So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. We’re excited to expand and make it bigger. In the near future we’re gonna redo the lanes and we’re gonna make them more projected. Yeah. And hopefully expand a little bit more and put some for outside for summertime and…
 – A little bit . Yeah. We’re just getting affiliated with WATL, which is the World Axe Throwing League.
 – That’s awesome.
 – Yes. And we can start leagues now. So we just switched to like a membership based where you can pay memberships and you get so much off and then you can become part of a league.
 – Awesome.
 – Yeah.
 – So thanks so much and we have really enjoyed being here.
 – Thank you for having us.
 – See ya.
 – Bye guys.