Pink Lion Design is a place where you can get Forever Flowers. They are wood flowers that last forever.

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– Can you tell if these flowers are real or not? Hi, I’m Alicia Collins.
– I’m Calley Hobza with the Cadillac Cowgirl
– And I’m Michelle with Pink Lion Design Company. And we are at Pink Lion Design Company. So please tell us about these.
– These flowers are real flowers. They look real and you can touch them. And we hand paint all these flowers. They’re all wood. So we can paint them any color, and they come in about, 80 different flower types. We stock over 70 here.
– How did you start this business? It’s so cool.
– So I was a fresh florist, and I really loved it. And I wanted to open my flower shops. So I told my husband that’s what I wanted to do. And he was like, okay, let’s do it. So we started looking for wholesalers, everything like that. And I stumbled upon these, at like two o’clock in the morning, looking for wholesalers, and I was like, “Oh my God, “these are amazing.” They fit everything I wanna do. Let’s switch gears, so we did.
– And what I loved about these is, for a wedding, or for a special occasion, that you wanna remember forever, they last forever.
– They do.
– So and you can match them to any color you want?
– Any color, we can match pretty much 100%.
– That is awesome. So you tell us kind of the, how you came about having store space.
– So we were home-based and it was fun, but it took over our house. We did things like “Funky Junk,” kind of just the regular shows. And then we decided we had to move. We needed to have our own space. We looked for a space for eight months before we found this one and I moved in.
 – It’s beautiful.
– The rest is history.
– I love it in here.
– It’s great.
– Yes.
– [Alicia] You do workshops so we all can kind of learn how to put this together?
– We do, we did a workshop last weekend, where we did a three jar Mason set and it was a really cool arrangement. Everybody got to take one home. We had wine and charcuterie boards. Charcuterie?
– Charcuterie.
– Charcuterie Boards from “Occasions by Cory.” And it was really awesome.
– We need to do that.
– We do need to do that.
– We do this class about once a month
– Once a month. I want you to do a Christmas one.
– We’re going to displays for Christmas. I like Christmas. Exactly yes.
– Yes, I love it.
– So these have come just like the other flowers, right?
– So they come to us, totally white. They look like this, this one right behind her here. They look like this when they come in and they’re just a plain little flower head. And then we kind of shape them and I make sure that they’re the right shape. They have pedals spread out and that they’re all pretty. And then we hand paint them.
– That’s so cool.
– And that’s kind of your own process.
– It is. It’s a very much so our own process. It took me, I worked at these flowers for about a year and a half before I launched into business. So I really kind of made sure that I knew how to work with them and how to get their paint to blend correctly, and everything like that before.
– I love it. So I know you do the bouquets, you so many different things. The skulls, what is your favorite thing to do? Oh man, I really love weddings.
– Weddings.
– I really love weddings. I love it when a bride comes in and picks up her bouquet and there’s like tears, and she’s so excited and it like makes it all real. I love weddings.
– I think I’d love weddings.
– Yes, what’s your favorite flower?
– Oh man. That’s tough. I have no idea. I kinda love them all individually for like who they are. Lilies because they have such different shape. I love roses because they have such depth to them. They just go so many pedals coming together. I mean, I could go on and on about it. I love them all.
-That’s awesome.
– Well stop on in and find your forever flower, lilies. We can’t wait to see you. Thank you.
– Bye
– Bye