The Mustard Seed is a place you can get Himalayan candles, beautiful dish sets, lighting, furniture and so much more.

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– It sounds great.
– Thank you so much.
– Thank you.
– Welcome to the inside of the Mustard Seed, it’s so exciting to be here. I’m Alicia Collins.
– And I’m Morgan with the Mustard Seed.
– And the first thing we’re gonna talk about here because I love this so much, is this Himalayan candles, tell us a little bit about it.
– So these candles are great, they’re refillable, they’re all hand poured. And so the vessels itself, we have lots of them, but the boat are the most popular for sure. And they’re really fun for like trinket dishes or anything around the house, but they’re also great ’cause you can refill them and burn them as much as you want. You can change up the scent or do whatever you like.
– So what is your favorite item in the store?
– Well, I think the candles actually are my favorite item but I also really love the hot Ruby, it’s our cranberry cider, we always serve it around Christmas and Thanksgiving. And so it’s really great with parties and stuff, you just throw it in a cock pot and warm it up. And so I thought it was a fun gift too.
– And you can put some booze in it, correct?
– Great. Spiked with a little bit of whiskey. That’s the best way to do it.
– Awesome.
– Yeah.
– Isn’t this candle amazing? It’s really not lit. It’s awesome So tell us a little bit about these since I’m being so silly about it.
– So these candles are actually all LED, and they are actual wax, but they’re battery powered so we sell remotes for them and all of that stuff. This one’s one of the really cool ones that you can tap to turn on and then blow out, so it’s really real. All these are really fun. They’re great to put in hurricanes or on mantles, places where you can’t like put a lit candle or you don’t wanna have somebody lean over it and burn it. So those are really cool and they look real so they fool people a lot of the time.
– Yes, I mean, they really look real and they’re they even come in candlesticks?
– Yeah. They’d fool people a lot of the time. They’re really great.
– Yeah, they’re amazing. I love all the home decor in here. So we’ll get that to that in a second, but I am quickly falling in love with all of your clothes. It’s like-
– Oh yes, you’re sporting it, I know, me too. Our new stuff. The clothes are really fun. That’s something that since I’ve come on here, I’ve been able to do a lot of, so I really enjoy that. And right now we’re tons of new sweaters in, we have jeans, the flying monkey and the Kan-Kan, which are really fun, too really popular. So yeah, we get new stuff in every week, so that’s been really fun.
– So do you pick that?
– Yes. It’s a joint effort between my mom and I, but for the most part, she kind of leaves that up to me and so far so good. So.
– I Love it. And I have a lot of friends that buy stuff, buy dresses-
– We try to fit the seasons and whatever’s going on. So around Christmas, we’re gonna get some more stuff for Christmas parties and all of that jazz too.
– Awesome. So you have some drink wares and tell us a little bit about that and how that can be added to something else for gifts.
– Yeah, drink wares is really fun. So one of our most popular lines is all hand-blown glass. And so obviously we stock a lot of that here, but we can special order any of that too. So that makes a really fun gift if you’re looking for a hostess gift or to set the table for the holidays too. So that’s really great.
– And you also have some serving dishes, that’s also super fun.
– Yeah. So we’ve tried to get a lot of super fun stuff. We have stuff that’s more themed for like Thanksgiving, Christmas. We also have started doing like more just dishes in general. So those are really cool. I actually outfitted my whole house with some new dishes because they’re really fun. And so if you’re just serving at a party or just want a whole new set we can do that too, which is really cool.
– And there’s also the bath and body stuff.
– Yes. We have a few different bath and body line., Lollia’s kind of my favorite, their scents are really great. It’s made down in Colorado, and we have little tiny sizes of all of that too. So it’s great for stocking stuffers and just such an easy gift if you’re gonna gift it to somebody too.
– Yes, this is really a great place to come in and get a gift card or a little gift because- Yup. So we’ve all items for everyone. For those of us that want to get new furniture or something like that, how do you help us do that?
– So obviously everything that we have here in the store, it’s for sale, also we have a storage unit, it’s very close. we keep some extra things in there since we have such a small space here. So if somebody is looking for something, sometimes we all have it down there, some extra art lamps, small things like that, but we can order anything. So if somebody is looking for a certain couch, a dining room table, something like that, they can always come in. We have catalogs to look through.
– Let’s talk about all the lighting that you have in here.
– Lighting, we have a lot, you don’t see a lot of it until you look up, which a lot of people miss that in here, but lighting is a big thing for us. We order a lot of lighting. It’s really fun to add a little pop to space with accents of lighting. So we do a lot of that ordering here and we can show you a lot of different companies that you can choose from, from pendants to chandeliers, bathroom lighting, whatever you’re looking for.
– We just really enjoy the store and we feel like we have a lot of different things for everybody. We’re trying to get more gift items soon as Christmas rolls around. So we’re getting new stuff every week. So we just would love for everybody to pop in and see the new stuff that we’re getting, and we would love to help you out.
– So thanks for joining us today.
– Thank you.