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We are talking more than just wine at Urban Bottle. Hi, I’m Alisha Collins

And I’m Lauren Griffith.

So Lauren tell us how you thought of the idea for this store.

We realized that this business, that this building was available and we brainstormed some concepts and we really loved this space in particular and it just made sense to have a liquor store. We had a retail liquor license and so we just came up with the idea of doing a little bit of a boutiquey store because it’s an old building it’s really unique. So kind of a boutique liquor store felt like it fit with the location.

And it really goes into your background because you got to design this old building. So tell us kind of how, how that came about.
We used as many materials as we could from the building. We have a really great door that goes into our storage area that we found under the building and it was industrial and the building itself lends itself to industrial elements. So we use what we could and then we just came up with different materials that led themselves to the space. So we really let the space dictate the design.

Its so light and bright.

Yeah, lots of windows the brick makes it warm so.



One of my favorite stories about your business is how you came about all the wines that you carry or some of the wines you carry.
It was a lot of tasting, which was a ton of fun. So when we came up with a concept like even a year before we were even anywhere close to opening it, we just started drinking a lot of wine. And we met with different winos and people that knew a lot about wine and developed relationships with different reps. And so we had a really nice portfolio and had tasted a lot when we could finally choose what we wanted.

So tell us about these wines we have, like on a budget and then when you want something super special.

Definitely, so some of my favorite wines we have in shop right now are This Little Canyon. It’s a Grenache Syrah Blend. This is a really popular wine, we sell out of it every time we get it in. And I love it, it has a beautiful label. It’s a really great gift and it’s a good wine for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It pairs well with red meat and just almost anything, cheeses, things like that. This is a really great bottle.

My favorite.

We’ve just had this too. Per glass, it’s a really, really nice Pinot Noir. So this is a great gift wine or like a special occasion wine and it’s just, it’s fabulous.

And everybody loves it.

And everyone loves it. Yeah, so these two were great, budget friendly and to gift friendly. Craggy Range and Charles Krug, I’m a Saab blog gal so I really love this one. It’s just, we’re drinking this wine right now.

Yes, it’s very good.

It’s just a really good budget friendly Saab blog. So that was great, and then this one, it’s for, it’s $7 more than this but this is just a really beautiful Sauvignon Blanc too from New Zealand, so it’s just a great go-to as well. Nice, nice wine, so when you wanna treat yourself get this one.

And they don’t just have wine they actually have lots of other stuff. So tell us a little bit about your craft beer, and your liquor selection.

We have a lots of craft beer. I think we’re known right now for craft beer. A lot of bourbons and scotch and whiskeys are really nice selection we’re increasing our tequilas. We have a lot of tequilas too, and I really nice spirit selection, and then yeah, our wines, we try to keep a nice inventory on different wines that you’re not, wouldn’t find necessarily somewhere else.

Awesome, I would love to know the story behind the cork.

Ah, that’s just something I had, we wanted to keep ’em and we’d like to do a giveaway when we fill it up. So whoever guesses how many corks we have, they’re gonna get something big like bigger than a bottle of wine, so.

That’s awesome.

And it’s fun, when people are here they just throw them into the shoot. And so it’s just become kind of a fun.

Do they bring them in.

Distraction when you’re sitting at the bar, no, these are all from here. So yeah, it’s slowed down this year but it was growing at a rapid rate. And now it’s slowed down a little bit.

And people can come hang out here.

Yeah definitely.

And try things. Do they try things? How does it work?

They do, we do prior to COVID we did a lot of tastings, we’ll start them again but we have wine on tap a cocktail and then beers and we just try to keep it fresh and do interesting fun pairings and things like that they’re awesome. We’ll keep you updated.

Awesome. Our small businesses are really the lifeblood of Casper. And so this holiday season we’re encouraging everyone to shop local go see your business owners that you know, take advice from someone and really support our local community this holiday season.

Yeah, thank you. We really appreciate it. It makes a huge difference. We have a lot of loyal people that come in and it just matters much more than people even realize. So thank you.

Yes. See you soon. Cheers.

Cheers. Thank you.