Before MOVING to Casper Wyoming

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Before MOVING to Casper Wyoming. Believe it or not, moving is hard work. You need to know a few things about moving to Wyoming, specifically Casper Wyoming Not to mention just finding a house, but there are all sorts of others things you need to do such as: new insurance for a home you purchase or renters insurance on a home you rent, new auto insurance, Wyoming driver’s license, registering your vehicle, find a new bank and more! Can’t wait to meet you when you get to Casper Wyoming!

Here's what you need to do when MOVING to Casper Wyoming

You’ve been thinking about moving to Wyoming and now it’s time to move. Moving anywhere can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Hi, I’m Alisha Collins with RE/MAX The Group and the Alisha Collins Real Estate Team. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, learn about all things Wyoming. And if you’d like to hear the pros and cons, our most recent edition, watch it here.

While I can’t help you move just anywhere, I can help you when it comes to moving to Wyoming. Not only can I help you find a home, but I can also help you with tips and tricks to make your move a little bit easier. First up is a list of things to do when relocating to Wyoming.

The first thing on the list is pretty important. You need to shop for a place to live. Whether you are planning to rent, you’re looking to buy a home right away, and even if you want to rent first and then find the perfect home, the good news is that a real estate agent can help. If you are looking to move to Casper or the surrounding areas, I know a great real estate team, ours, that can help you out. If you can do so, finding a place before you make the move can provide you with a little peace of mind that you’ll have a place ready for you when you get into town.

Once you have found the perfect place, finding a great moving company might be your next step. I would caution you here. The keyword is good. Be careful when selecting which moving company you hire. Take your time and do some research. Read the reviews and verify that the company you choose is properly insured and really a company. Once you choose a company, it’s important that you read your contract thoroughly to ensure that you know what you’re paying for and what you’re not.

If you can’t afford a moving company or simply don’t wanna use one, you can rent a truck or trailer and move everything yourself. But, as we all know, that can present its own challenges. One strategy that may or may not work for you when you’re getting ready for a long distance move is to sell it all first. We have had several clients decide it is simply easier to sell most of their possessions, especially all their large furniture, rather than deal with a hassle of having to move it. Now, I realize that may not be the choice that everyone makes, but I bet it’s a little bit more freeing to get rid of everything and start afresh.

Some additional logistics you’ll need to consider when you move to Wyoming. Insurance. You will need insurance. If you are renting, renter’s insurance is inexpensive, but it is so important to protect your belongings. You may be able to obtain it before you move, giving you some additional protection during the move. And of course, if you buy a home, you will need homeowner’s insurance.

Something you might not have considered, auto insurance. When you move to a different state, you’ll most likely need to get a new auto insurance policy. Some states have different requirements and laws in place, and most agents are only licensed for their state. Your insurance agent may be able to recommend an agent in your new state to help you get started with moving your policy over.

Speaking of different laws in different states, there are a couple of different things you need to know about registering your vehicle when you move to Wyoming. If you are retired, you will have 120 days to register your vehicle and get Wyoming plates. However, if you are employed, you have a whole different timeline. Turns out, if you are employed in Wyoming, you will need to get your Wyoming registration and license plates on your car within 30 days. You might be wondering about the timeline for getting your Wyoming’s driver’s license as well. If you move here from out of state, when you do apply for a Wyoming driver’s license, you will have to apply in person. There is no online or mail-in option for this one. And yes, you will probably have to wait in line. The good news is, probably for far less time than you think. Due to our lower population, it doesn’t take nearly as much time as it does in larger cities or states. Plus, in most cases, you’ll have one year from the time you establish residency to obtain your new Wyoming license. Unless you’re moving from Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, Wisconsin, or have a commercial driver’s license, if any of these apply to you, you’ll have to apply for your new license as soon as you’ve moved here and established residency.

Okay, let’s see. You found a place, check. You’ve hired movers, a moving truck, or sold your personal items, check. New insurance, check. Vehicle registration and driver’s license, check. What else is there? Your money! You need to be able to access your money. So you’ll want to consider choosing a local bank or credit union to move your money into. I realize that most banks offer online banking options and we do have several national bank branches available, but there may not be a local branch of your bank here in Wyoming at all, and getting money out of or handling large financial transactions may be much easier with a local bank on your side. Plus, the local touch and customer service may just win you over from your old bank or online option.

Well, there you have it, a decent first things first list for things to do when relocating to Wyoming. Remember when taking the first step, finding a place to live, please give my team and I a call. We have time for you, and we love talking to you. It is just so fun to hear about where all of you live and why you are moving to our great state. Remember, we want you to love where you live. See you soon!

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