Guide to Sell Your Home in Casper Wyoming Area in the Winter


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Selling your home is well documented as a stressful event!  Our team works super hard to make this process as smooth as possible.  This seller’s guide for selling your home in the winter starts the process of selling by giving you lots of information.  Of course we would love to talk with you!  Sellers most often think that they shouldn’t call the real estate agent until they are ready to list their home.  Actually, the moment to you think you may sell is when you should touch base with the agent.  We love to talk strategy early on, such as what you should fix-up, repair, paint, redo, etc and MOST IMPORTANTLY what NOT to do.  Many times I have sold homes where the money was spent doing things that didn’t really need to be done and did not increase the value OR salability of the home!  One of the things that we are the very best at here at the Alisha Collins Real Estate Team is helping you get the most money for your home by helping you decide if you need do repairs before you put your home on the market.

The next important step is when to list your home!  Currently with 251 homes (January 7th, 2019) now is the time to list.  Most winters in the Casper Wyoming Area have a massive decrease in inventory.  This is an all time low in the last 4 years!  Casper Area Buyers are out in FULL FORCE and are waiting to find the perfect home.  This creates DEMAND!

If you are curious what your home value is currently click:

Even if you are not ready to sell but would like to know we are happy to help you!

And/Or we would LOVE TO CHAT with you!  Text or call Alisha Collins asap 307-247-1806


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