Lakes Near Casper Wyoming

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Lakes Near Casper Wyoming. If you have watched any of my other videos, you may have heard me talk about the three reservoirs within an hour of Casper. It really is one of the best things about living here, you can kayak, fish, swim, and more all in the same day. I could do an entire video about the joys of kayaking but I really want to tell you more about the lakes near Casper.

THREE Lakes Near Casper Wyoming
Have you ever gone kayaking? If you haven’t, put it on your to-do list. No, wait, put it on your must-do list. Hi, I’m Alisha Collins with RE/MAX The Group and the Alisha Collins Real Estate Team, and my newest favorite activity is kayaking. Actually, the last few years, my newest favorite activity is that. There is nothing quite like it. Relaxing or exciting, you choose depending on where you go. If you have watched any of my other videos, you may have heard me talk about the three reservoirs within an hour of Casper. It really is one of the best things about living here. You can kayak, fish, swim, and more all in the same day. I could do an entire video about the joys of kayaking, but I really wanted to tell you more about all the lakes near Casper. Wait, maybe I don’t. If everyone knows how fun they are and how easy they are to get to, well, then y’all may show up and ruin my peaceful kayaking trip. Just kidding. It’s too much fun to not share.

The closest to Casper is Alcova Reservoir, just over 30 miles from town and over 2,400 surface acres of water to play on. Alcova has six campgrounds and eight boat ramps, so you can access the water easily. If I had to categorize Alcova, out of the three of them, I would say it is the play lake. Water ski, Jet Ski, swim, kayak, sail, even surf if you have the right boat. They have a swim beach where the kids can play on the playground or you can get a round of beach volleyball in. Alcova is also home to Casper’s Water Ski Club and Casper’s Boat Club. One of the coolest things about Alcova is Fremont Canyon. If you have any sort of watercraft, you can boat up through the canyon, and you definitely should take the time to do it. Absolutely gorgeous. And then you have Sandy Beach, a public stretch of land that you can get to very easily and enjoy the water and the soft sand. There is another stretch of soft sand that many people call “Boat Sandy” because it’s where a lotta people beach their boats so they can enjoy the sand and the company. So, let’s see if I’ve covered it all. Boating, kayaking… Oh, I forgot fishing! You can fish from the shore or a boat or a kayak. Even though I call Alcova the play lake, you can still get down to some serious fishing business. You can find all sorts of trout and, if you’re lucky, walleye. Think the fun is done at Alcova in the winter? Nope, that’s just in time for ice fishing.

Okay, after you spend some time at Alcova, you might wanna head further down the road about 20 miles and check out Pathfinder Reservoir. Pathfinder is more of a fishing lake than Alcova, and many anglers prefer Pathfinder when they are serious about catching some walleye and trout. It may be more of a fishing destination, but you can still play on Pathfinder, especially when you get lucky enough to have a low-wind day. Then it is great for water skiing or kneeboarding. One of my favorite things about Pathfinder, and I do hope the droves of people I’m enticing with this video don’t ruin it, is that even when the parking lot is super full and you think the lake is packed, it isn’t. With over 21,000 acres of water to boat, fish, and play on, it can often feel like you have the lake all to yourself. Pathfinder boasts 117 miles of shoreline, which means even more to explore and enjoy. There are established campgrounds, but you can also find camping at many other places around the shoreline if you don’t wanna be right next to other campers. As a bonus, the Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge is right there too, and it’s a great place for wildlife viewing and photography. Plus, if you’re wanting a beach getaway, there are several sandy beaches to enjoy around those 117 miles, depending on the water level, that is. So, Pathfinder equals sand, sun, boating, camping and, of course, fishing. There aren’t quite as many amenities as Alcova, but more water and more fish mean it’s definitely a great choice for a day or more at the lake.

But then again, many outdoor enthusiasts like to visit the third reservoir within an hour of Casper, but it’s in the other direction. Head south on I-25 for just under an hour and you will find Glendo State Park and the Glendo Reservoir. Glendo State Park has 10,000 acres of land and 12,000 acres of water and a ton of fun. With 45 miles of non-motorized trails for hiking and biking, Glendo is more than just a lake. I knew there was camping all around Glendo, but I didn’t know that there are over 500 camping sites. Plus, Glendo has yurts. One of the interesting things about Glendo is the fluctuation of the water levels. Remember, Glendo is a reservoir, and that water does need to be used for more than just play. So, make sure you check out the water levels before you head out and know what you’re getting into. Whatever the water level, the fishing at Glendo is great. While it is very popular for walleye fishing, you can also find perch, bass, catfish, crappie, and a few other species as well. Like our other reservoirs, Glendo has year-round fishing, but the best fishing can be found on late-spring and early-summer. And remember that kayaking I was telling you about? Glendo is another great place to paddle around, explore, and even fish from your kayak. And a little bonus.

I haven’t even mentioned that you can get to another reservoir in just over an hour. Seminoe is past Pathfinder and is another great fishing spot. And then there’s Boysen Reservoir, which is less than two hours away. I could keep adding to places you can play on the water, but I think you get the point. If you wanna fish, boat, kayak, swim, and just play on the water, come to Casper and pick your reservoir and have some fun. If you like what you’re watching, please comment, subscribe, or even reach out to me. I would love to help you find the home of your dreams in and around the Casper, Wyoming, areas. Remember, we want you to love where you live. See you soon!
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