Life in Wyoming

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Life in Wyoming. Are you thinking about making Wyoming your home? Well, why wouldn’t you? I mean, if you’re looking to move somewhere that has less people than where you live, Wyoming fits the bill.

5 Things About Wyoming You Need to Know!
Life in Wyoming

Are you thinking about making Wyoming your home? Well, why wouldn’t you? I mean, if you’re looking to move somewhere that has less people than where you live, Wyoming fits the bill. Check out my Wyoming video about all the facts right here to see exactly how well Wyoming fits for you.

We certainly have less crowding since we have the lowest population and all. Less crowding isn’t the only reason to live here. You should check out my other videos to learn more.

Hi, I’m Alisha Collins with RE/MAX The Group and the Alisha Collins Real Estate Team. And if you want more information about moving to Wyoming and all things Casper, Wyoming, please hit the subscribe button and the bell so you’re notified when we post new content. Here are some things that you really need to know before we’re moving here.

We have no state income tax and no corporate tax, at least for now. Wyoming has no state income tax, which is an amazing plus, and it’s definitely in the “Why Wyoming” column. And unlike a lot of states who have no state income tax we do not have really high property taxes either to make up for that. As a matter of fact, Wyoming is one of the 10 states with the lowest property taxes in the country. For example, here in Attorney County the property tax rate is just under 7%. So your annual property tax bill on a $200,000 home would be just under $1,400. So maybe we have higher sales tax to make up in the revenue difference. Nope. We also have one of the lowest sales tax rates in the country at only 4% statewide. Now each county can increase that by up to an additional 2% but even at the maximum allowed of 6%, it’s not too bad. The overall tax burden in Wyoming is pretty low especially compared to other places.

Okay. So the next thing you need to know before you move anywhere is how does the state rank for education? So where exactly does Wyoming stand on education rankings? Well like anything, it is how and what you measure that gives you the results. According to a report on US news, Wyoming rate 16 for education, which isn’t too shabby. This ranking included the gamut of education from enrollment in preschool to the percentage of adults with advanced degrees and everything in between. However, according to Education Week’s report for 2020, Wyoming rate fifth. That report uses three different graded rankings to come up with the overall ranking. Chance for success, school finance, and K through two 12 achievement. Wow, fifth, we have really moved up the rankings over the last three years. We must be doing something right. Some facts about education in Wyoming. Did you know that Wyoming families can choose from traditional public schools, public charter schools, private schools, online academies, homeschooling, Montessori schools, and private religious as well. There are a lot of choices. Some counties even have school of choice like Natrona County, where I live. We can choose to send our children to whatever school we decide will fit our children the best no matter what part of town we live in. Many of our schools have specialized programs that due to school of choice, you don’t have to live in that neighborhood to take advantage of the programs. For example, Natrona County is one of the three counties in Wyoming that offers dual language immersion where students spend half their school day immersed in a target language like Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. These programs are in our public school system, so no extra cost to the parents. I would say, even with the different ways of looking at education overall the education outlook in Wyoming is pretty bright.

Another big thing you need to know before moving to Wyoming, is what exactly is the weather really like here? We’ve talked about this before. Well, it really does depend on the city and the area for sure. Check out my video on wind in Wyoming for some facts about wind in Wyoming. For this video, let’s just say, yes, there are areas that are a bit windier than others. Sometimes it feels like the wind won’t stop, but it does. And we really have some beautiful days to enjoy. Wyoming is semi-arid. So it is a bit drier here than most of the rest of the United States and a touch windier as I have mentioned. One of the best parts about our climate is thanks to our location and climate, we have all four seasons to enjoy. Our spring and fall seasons are a little bit more brief but it’s still amazing temperate weather to really enjoy all that outdoor has to offer. During the summer, our temperatures average from 85 to 95 depending on the area, hot enough to get out and enjoy the cool lakes that are scattered throughout the state. Summer months are time to enjoy the mountains, the rivers, the streams, lakes, and yes, even the prairies. Wyoming summers are beautiful for camping, the night skies are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It can get a bit chilly at night, so make sure you bring a jacket. Now let’s talk about the winters in Wyoming. I am sure you have heard that it does get cold here. Snowy, windy, and downright cold, average winter low temperatures range from zero to 15 in most areas. Obviously the higher the elevations, the lower the temperature. Luckily the higher elevations also see more snow than the lower elevations offering up several winter wonderland throughout the state. From cross country skiing and snowshoeing to snowmobiling and everything in between, winters in Wyoming are so much fun. Even if you think you don’t like winter, cold and snow, just try one or 10 of our outdoor activities and I can almost guarantee you will come to love winter in Wyoming. So let’s sum it up. Climate in Wyoming, very cold in the winter, warm in the summer, slightly dry and windy throughout the year.

Now where to move in Wyoming. Maybe you are watching this video because you already know where you’re going to move due to a new job or transfer or maybe you’re looking for a new adventure. Either way, hopefully I have some info that will help you with your move to Wyoming. Even if you’re looking at Wyoming to find less of a crowd we do have a few larger cities to offer you best of both worlds, big city amenities, small town feel. Our largest city is Cheyenne with a population of around 63,000 people. Plus it is situated at the Southern end of the state, close to Colorado. So you can visit the real big cities if you’re into that sort of thing. Then comes Casper where I live, population’s around 55,000 sometimes a little higher, right in the middle of the state, or at least we feel like it is. Being in Casper means you are close to many of the attractions of Wyoming and the surrounding states without too far of a drive. Plus we have our own ski resort and several nearby reservoirs, making Casper a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Our one and only state university is located in Laramie also in the South close to Colorado but with a little lower population than Cheyenne at about 32,000 people. If you are looking for a really small town, we have those two. Try Lost Springs, population one. So most likely you aren’t looking for a town quite that small. There are several other options, a little bigger with a lot of charm like Thermopolis, home of the world’s largest mineral hot springs and 2,700 people. Saratoga’s another cute little town with a hot springs and a low population at just under 1400 people. It has hunting, fishing, shopping, and great views of all that Wyoming nature has to offer. Story, Wyoming is just outside of Sheridan. Another great option situated just 20 minutes away from the city and has a population of 828 up in the hills with an elevation of over 5,000 feet Story is close enough to Sheridan to enjoy what the city has to offer. But outside enough to enjoy all the nature has to offer. Sheridan is located in the Northern part of the state pretty close to Montana and with a population of just under 18,000. It is a great mid-sized town if that’s what you’re looking for. Wyoming definitely has a mix of small, mid, and larger cities each with their own character and different pros and cons. If you are looking to move to Casper, let me know and I will help you figure out what neighborhood fits your needs. Be sure to reach out to me if you are looking for great real estate agents in other parts of Wyoming as I have a great network. I will help you find the perfect agent for what you need.

Okay. So that’s the top things you need to know before moving to Wyoming.

You need to be prepared for the Wyoming culture. Sure, I said that each town has its own character and while they definitely do, are some things that define Wyoming culture. For example, no matter where you choose to live, the independent spirit of the West is alive and well. Here. We don’t call it the Cowboy State for nothing and well not everyone is a cowboy, we sure do have the strength and determination that it takes to be one. And well, we do have a lot of cowboys and we love our horses. Don’t think strength is the only defining characteristic of Wyoming. Friendliness is also a big part of our culture. We are welcoming kind and always ready to lend a helping hand. Outdoorsy is another characteristic that is pretty solid throughout all the Wyoming. We have all this space and boy do we know how to enjoy it. Camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, skiing, the enjoyment of the great outdoors is part of the defining culture of Wyoming. So are you ready to be part of that Wyoming culture? Friendly, strong, outdoorsy? Ready to move to Wyoming? If you still want more info, we have got lots of videos on our YouTube channel that might answer a lot of the questions you have. You might like this video or this one. Let me know if you have any questions that my videos don’t answer or ideas for new videos. We would love to hear from you. See you soon.

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