Many Smaller Towns In Wyoming under 10,000 PEEPS!

Many Smaller Towns In Wyoming under 10,000 PEEPS! Town is Wyoming with populations under 10,000. We do mention Cheyenne and its suburban areas as the largest “town” in Wyoming. We talk about the unique attributes of these smaller towns. Cody, renowned for its tourist appeal and outdoor activities, offers a safe and vibrant community, despite housing costs slightly above the national average. Rawlins, positioned between Cheyenne and the Utah border, boasts historical sites and affordable housing, with a relatively comfortable income to cost of living ratio. Lander stands as an outdoor enthusiast’s haven, with climbing, fishing, and scenic views, though housing costs are higher than average. Powell, located northwest of Cody, provides outdoor opportunities and hosts a community college, with a balanced income and housing cost dynamic. Douglas, situated near Casper, offers access to city amenities and outdoor pursuits, recognized as the safest city in Wyoming, with affordable housing. Torrington, a short distance from Douglas, presents a lower cost of living but also lower income levels, while maintaining a small-town charm. Worland, in the Big Horn Basin, provides outdoor activities and a reasonable cost of living relative to income. Buffalo, smaller than its NY counterpart, stands between Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone, offering history and recreation, although housing costs are elevated. The video wraps up by mentioning Cheyenne suburbs, Mills, Wheatland, and Newcastle, each with their own unique attributes and cost of living considerations. Alisha Collins, offers insights into these Wyoming towns, emphasizing their distinctive qualities and encouraging viewers to consider them as potential living destinations.

Many Smaller Towns In Wyoming under 10,000 PEEPS!

Wyoming isn’t exactly known for large metropolitan areas although we do have a few fairly good sized cities and towns complete with their own suburbs. The population of the top 10 cities in Wyoming range from 10,619. Number 10 on the list in Riverton up to Cheyenne Wyoming’s largest city. Now that Cheyenne number doesn’t even include the census designated areas that are part of the Cheyenne metropolitan area like Ranchettes, South Greeley and Fox Farm College. So if those are our large cities, what do the rest of our towns look like? Hi, I’m Alisha Collins, with the Alisha Collins Real Estate Team. Today I’m gonna share about the next 10 towns on the list which are all right around or under 10,000 people.

Let’s talk a little bit about Cody, which sits right at number 11 on the list of largest towns in Wyoming. Cody has a population of just over 10,000 people. Cody is a tourist destination in Wyoming in its own right. As a common stopping point for those on their way to Yellowstone National Park because it is located about an hour from the East Gate of the park. You should know though that Cody has so much more to offer than just its proximity to Yellowstone. Situated right along the Shone River, Cody has access to fishing and boating. Plus it sits between the bare tooth and ABCA mountains. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy. Cody also has nightly rodeos during the summer one of the best downtowns to stroll through museums, historical sites, and so much more. Yes, these make Cody a great place to visit. It is also a great option as a place to live. Cody is listed among the top five safest cities in Wyoming. List at number three. What about housing costs? The median home price in Cody, Wyoming is right around 450,000, which is about 13% higher than the national average. Median household income in Cody Wyoming is 59,600 which is a little lower than the national average. All things considered it might cost you a bit more to live in Cody.

Next up is Rawlins with 8,382 people calling it home. Rawlins is located in South Central Wyoming, on Interstate 80, which runs east and west through the southern part of the state. Rawlins is about 150 miles west of the state capitol in Cheyenne, and is about halfway between the Utah and Nebraska borders. Like many other Wyoming cities, Rawlins has access to hunting, fishing, and hiking. Rawlins offers up some neat museums and historical sites like the Wyoming Frontier Prison and the Carbon County Museum. If you are looking to buy a home in Rawlins you will find median housing prices around 190,000 which is lower than both the Wyoming median home cost and the US median home cost. So the cost of housing is good. What about income? Median household income in Rawlins, Wyoming is just over 69,000 which means overall Rawlins could be a good choice at least when it comes to income versus cost of housing.

Then we have Lander where I grew up with 7,551 inhabits. Lander is still a medium sized town by Wyoming standards. Lander is located in central Wyoming along the Popo Agie River and is considered the gateway to the Wind River Mountains. It is a great location and has some amazing opportunities for outdoor activities. Lander is well known for rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and more. Lander is known as one of the best outdoor towns in America. People who live in Lander love the small town community and outdoor activities as well as the beautiful views. If you want to live in Lander you’ll need between 350 and $400,000 to buy a home. Housing in Lander has a higher average cost than the national average but the median household income is a little bit lower than the national average.

Lander’s median annual household income is right around 65,000 near Cody but a few thousand shortened population is Powell, Wyoming with 6,385 people. Powell, Wyoming is in the northwest part of Wyoming a little further away from Yellowstone than Cody but still close enough to be a stop along the way. Sitting between the Absaroka and the Bighorn Mountain Ranges Powell offers great outdoor activities like many places in Wyoming. Powell was also home to a two year college called Northwest Community College. Median home prices in Powell are around 370,000 which is higher than the national average. Once again, we need to look at median household income to get an idea of what living in Powell might be like. Median household income in Powell is just over 60,000 which is below the national median. To almost hide with Powell for a population.

But near to Casper in the east central part of the state you will find Douglas a smaller town with 6,330 people living there. Douglas is around 50 miles from Casper so you’re close enough to have great access to amenities of the larger city of Casper. South of town, you will find the Laramie Mountain Range, the Medicine Bow National Forest, and yes the North Platte River runs through town. Just like many other Wyoming towns, there are plenty of outdoor activities available. In the summertime, Douglas hosts the Wyoming State Fair which I grew up going to. According to safe Douglas is ranked the number one safest city in Wyoming. Median home prices in Douglas are around 290,000 which is lower than the national average and the median household income is right around 71,000 which is a touch higher than the national media. So at least when it comes to housing costs Douglas is a great choice. If you’re looking to move to a small town in Wyoming.

A little further south and you have Torrington, with 6,196 people. I’ll be honest with you I didn’t think Torrington was that close to Douglas and population at all. Torrington, Wyoming is home to Eastern Wyoming Community College and yet another Wyoming city with the North Platte running through it. Torrington was a stop on the Oregon Mormon and Texas cattle trails. There’s so much history in the small town. In summary, Torrington has a small town charm, outdoor activities and more. It looks like Torrington is a good choice for living in a small Wyoming town. Torrington is a little over an hour away from Cheyenne, Wyoming but about 32 miles from Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Let’s talk about housing costs. Median home price in Torrington is around 218,000. Sounds pretty good so far. What about the income? Median household income is right around 52,000 which is definitely lower than the national average but then again, so is the housing cost so it might balance each other out.

Next up would be Ranchette, but since it’s kind of a suburb of Cheyenne I’ll simply mention that it has 6,179 people. And I’ll move on to Worland, which is a town in its own right with a population of just 4,843 people. Worland Wyoming’s located in the northwest part of the state in the Bighorn Basin along the Bighorn River. You can check out the Painted Desert about 30 miles away for a unique rock formations or enjoy the nearly 160 miles of off highway trails and roads in and around Worland a little different than some other areas in Wyoming but still offers great outdoor activities and small town charm. The median home price in Worland is right around 217,000 with a median household income of just under 65,000. So pretty good ratio there overall. A lower cost of living than the Wyoming and the national average.

Not sure if you’ve heard of Buffalo, Wyoming before but to make it on this list you know it has to be a smaller population than the other Buffalo you might know in New York. Buffalo, Wyoming is just south of Sheridan. It has a population of 4,339 people. Yep, smaller than Buffalo, New York. Buffalo is full of history and the great outdoors. Sitting almost exactly between two national treasures, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. It is a great place to visit on your way or to stay and call home downtown. Buffalo has several historic buildings, a great museum, and you can reach several Wyoming historical sites in a short drive from Buffalo. Nearby, you can find skiing, boating, hunting, fishing and more. Median home prices right around 372,000 higher than the national average. So what about the income in Buffalo? Median household income in Buffalo is right around 58,000 which is lower than the national media, so at least cost of housing compared with income might not be as good as other small towns in Wyoming. But the nearby access to the Bighorn Mountains and all that surrounds Buffalo, it just might be worthwhile.

Next up on the list by population are two more Cheyenne suburbs. Both of them are right around 4,300 in population South Greeley and Fox Farm College.

Then we have the city of Mills, Wyoming adjacent to Casper. I’m sure some of the residents of all of these suburbs might not be happy with me simply listing them as suburbs but although Mills is a city that’s on right is also part of Casper metropolitan area, so we will skim over it and the two Cheyenne suburbs and move on to the last couple of towns on my list.

Wheatland, Wyoming, located in the southern part of Wyoming about 70 miles north of our largest city of Cheyenne. 3,567 people call Wheatland Home. Wheatland offers a great balance of a wide open spaces and small town appeal, but being near Cheyenne means you can easily take advantage of the amenities of a larger city if needed. Access to great outdoor activities including the short 35 mile drive to Glendo State Park for boating and fishing. You also have easy access to history with the Laramie Peak Museum in Wheatland and nearby Fort Laramie National historic site in Guernsey State Park. The median home price in Wheatland is 235,000 with a median household income of around 60,000. So both are lower than the national median but balance out for an overall low cost of living than Wyoming and the United States median.

And finally, located in a slightly different part of the state, you will find Newcastle with 3,283,000 people that call it home. Newcastle is located in the northeastern border to South Dakota and on the edge of the Black Hills. You will definitely find all the outdoor activities you could possibly want a small, friendly town with plenty of pride in their Western history and culture. Newcastle has a lot to offer. Median home prices in Newcastle are around 255,000 with a median income of around 68,000. Pretty good income to the cost of housing. The overall cost of living in Newcastle is lower than Wyoming and the US as well.

There you have it, 10 Wyoming cities under, well almost under 10,000 people. I’m Alicia Collins and I want you to love where you live. My team, and I love hearing from you and we can’t wait to talk to you in the future. Remember, we want you to love where you live. See you soon.

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