Pros and Cons Wyoming Life

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Pros and Cons Wyoming Life. Daily I am so grateful I live in Wyoming. I sometimes think I need a vacation and then when I am gone I realize once again that Wyoming is my home and I feel safe and loved there. There are so many great things that make the state of Wyoming my home. Of course I would be naive to think that there aren’t some negatives, but thats life in general right?! So I put another list together of why I love Wyoming and what I think is so great and no so great. I have living is Wyoming for over 40 years and in Casper Wyoming for over 21 years. I love helping people with Casper Real Estate and make their move to Wyoming. I would love to hear why you think Wyoming is so great too!

Pros and Cons Wyoming Life

Pros and Cons Wyoming Life

Everyone has their ideal place to live in their minds and their hearts. But most people actually live in the real world. You know, where every place no matter how ideal has some bad to balance out the good? Hi I’m Alisha Collins with the Alisha Collins Real Estate Team and Remax The Group. And if you have been paying attention, you might know that I think living in Casper, Wyoming is pretty darn close to ideal, but like anywhere there are definitely two sides to the story. So let’s revisit the pros and cons of living in Casper, Wyoming.

Hmm, should I give you the good news first or the bad? I tend to be a pretty positive person. So let’s start with the pros.

Pro, diverse businesses. For a small town, Casper really does have decent shopping. I think we have the best of both worlds. We have some amazing local businesses, regional chains and big box stores as well. When it comes to local businesses they run the gamut from the local sporting good store to the fashionable boutiques and from kitchen specialty stores to cowboy attire. Shopping in Casper can be fun. I like our cute little downtown with local stores like Cadillac Cowgirl where you can find a cute outfit or three or you can head over to The Shade Tree Boutique. If you don’t find exactly what you need. Stop in at Floral Rhino or Mustard Seed for the perfect gift. And then Lou Talbert’s for a new cowboy hat. I mean, what more can you really want if you really can’t find what you want downtown, you can head to one of the big name stores like Target or Penny’s, when it comes to sporting goods, since we have access to lots of outdoor sports we need a wide variety of stores to serve our needs. We have a small specialty stores like the local fly fishing shops, The Ugly Bug and the Plat River Fly Shop, or a little broader scope with gear up and get out there, or mountain sports for your skis, bikes and everything in between. Or Bushwell Sporting Goods to help you find the right mitt or shoe for your youth and adult sports. Then you have one of my favorites, Rocky Mountain Discount Sports where you can find a little bit of everything from a Trager grill to a winter jacket, to guns and ammo, all the things. And the larger box stores like Sportman Warehouse and Dicks Sporting Goods.

This leads me to my next pro and it’s a big one. Casper really does have fun outdoor activities for every season and for just about everyone. Most people know that Wyoming is known for amazing hunting year round and we have world famous fly fishing right in our backyard on the north plat. But hunting and fishing are not the only things to do here.

Do you know that we have four golf courses? Casper Municipal Golf Course and Three Crowns Golf Club are open to the public and our two membership based golf clubs allow member guests. So just make a friend and you can golf at Paradise Valley Country Club or the Casper Country Club feel like put putt instead of the real deal? We have that too at Old Town.

If walking a golf course isn’t your thing, head to Casper Mountain and give hiking a shot. In the winter, the mountain has day and night downhill skiing and snowboarding at Hogadon Basin Ski Area. Or cross country ski, and snowshoeing at the Nordic Trail Center. That only covers a fraction of the fun you can have on Casper Mountain. Bear Trap Summer Festival is always fun. You can always camp or go four wheeling. Well you can camp and four wheel in many places, not just on the mountain.

We are so lucky to have wonderful camping amenities at all of our reservoirs and many places to hike and camp that are off the beaten path. One of my favorite things to do both at the reservoirs and on the river is to kayak. It can be peaceful or exciting depending on where you go and what kind of wildlife you see. I am pretty sure I’ve missed something because we have so many things to do. Let’s see, hunting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping four-wheeling, skiing.

Hmm, oh, I forgot archery and shooting. I am sure you get the idea. There are so many things to do. I can almost guarantee that if you are willing to try something new you will always find something to do. So I mentioned hunting, a big deal around here and probably it should be a pro all on its own. But talking about hunting brings me to my next pro, our gun rights. Yes, I’m sure some may disagree with me, but around here we definitely put that in the pro column. The second amendment is extremely valued in Wyoming so much that our laws have changed as far as concealed and open carry of firearms.

In Wyoming, If you are a Wyoming resident and can legally own a firearm, you can carry it either openly or concealed without a special permit. So many more pros that I can think of. I do really love living here.

But let’s take a minute to look at the cons list. Con, the distance to get to another city. With the low population of Wyoming and the relatively large size of our state, our towns are fairly far apart. If you wanna go anywhere, it does take some time. A couple of our cities like Rock Springs and Green River are only about 20 miles apart. But if you need to travel from Casper to our capital in Cheyenne, that trip will take you over two hours. So whether for work or for fun, we are willing to drive the distance because we are used to it, trust me, it might take some time, but you will get used to it too.

Now, I’m not sure if it is a con all on its own or part of the distance situation. But if you wanna go further, say anywhere outside of Wyoming, your flights can get pretty expensive if you fly out of our local airport. Most of our airports are small. And while flying out of the local airport may seem convenient and may cut your wait time in security lines, it will most likely cost you more than if you were to drive to a nearby airport in a larger city, such as Denver, Billings, Rapid City or even Salt Lake City.

Con, winter. Winter in Wyoming can be beautiful, but it is brutal at times. Sometimes winter in Casper seems to last forever. So you had better pick up a winter sport to make the time go by more pleasantly.

Driving on the winter roads in Wyoming can be less than fun. So make sure you check out my video about Wyoming winter driving for some tips to make it a bit easier. If you wanna leave your house in the winter, you are going to have to learn how to drive on the roads. Whether they have snow ice or both.. The snow isn’t so bad most of the time, it is usually the below freezing temperatures and the wind chill that gets you down. Oh, and the blowing snow and drifts.

Okay, should I make this more than one con on my list? Well, I do think the wind should be a con on its own. We joke about the w word around here. So that should give you an idea of exactly how much of a con the wind can be. Average wind speed year round is over 20 miles per hour in Wyoming. So some places are lower and some places are higher. We have seen wind gusts with speeds over 90 miles an hour. So you know, it could put a damper on your day. I can’t necessarily say you get used to it but you do learn to live with it or maybe just stay inside on a really bad day. But don’t worry. There are some good days, even with the wind. As the air warms up the chill in the wind leaves and then it isn’t so bad.

Springtime in Wyoming is pretty amazing. So there you have it, some of the pros and cons of living in Casper, Wyoming. Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe and follow my channel for more videos about Wyoming. We love hearing from you. We love your comments and we have time to help you find the home of your dreams here in Casper, Wyoming. Now, if you’re gonna move to another part of the country, we can help you with that too because we know agents that are amazing all over the United States. I love it in Casper, Wyoming. I want you to love it here too. See you soon.

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