Why Isnt My Home Selling?

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Why Isnt My Home Selling? Are you selling your home and are wondering, “Why hasn’t my home sold?” There can be a few reasons why. To learn more about successful selling, watch below why.

Why Hasnt my home sold?  Day 18
Why hasn’t my home sold yet? What does a seller do if their house is listed but not being shown and is not selling?

There are a few adages in real estate that as a young agent, starting off, yes that was almost 18 years ago for me, we remember daily and they help selling houses. In today’s competitive market, if your home has been priced correctly and is being marketed properly, you should be seeing results very quickly. Of course, there may be exceptions but in general this is true. So, if your home is on the market and you’re not getting the results you think you should, these adages are for you.

Adage number one, if your home is not being shown or it’s being shown but not selling especially in a sellers market, then the problem is either price or condition. Basically pricing and condition must be equally matched. Most of the time when a home is finally listed, the seller is not going to be interested in working on the condition. If the seller is willing to do that, the condition should be fixed before the home is active on the market. That leaves us with price. In our current sellers market climate, if your house is not being shown, it comes back to price. I have seen listings that were priced five to 10,000 too high, that once reduced by that amount they elicited two or three offers almost immediately. Even in a sellers market, price matters.

Adage number two, if you have 10 showings and no offers, your price is too high. Obviously this is a loose number. Sometimes the 14th person writes an offer but I am sure you get my point. If you are getting showing after showing and no offer, you really do need to revisit what price your home is listed more. We have to be super careful. We don’t stay too high for too long, or you may end up getting less than if we would have just reduced your home’s price one time.

Adage number three, your first offer is your best offer. I do not mean if you take the first offer you get exactly how it’s written. What I do mean is that you’ll want to negotiate that first offer that best you can. Side note here. I encourage sellers to counter every offer. Of course, I want to do whatever you wanna do, so, if you are adamant against countering an offer, I will concur. Sometimes buyers just need to know where you stand as far as price. So if you counter, they will accept or at least meet you somewhere within a range that you can be happy with price wise. There have been so many times that sellers have not worked at that first offer and later they wished that they would have because they often end up selling their home for less than what they would’ve gotten if they would have just negotiated out that first offer.

The guidance and the knowledge provided to you by working with an experienced agent can make all the difference when you’re deciding how to price your home and how to negotiate any offers you may receive. Remember, we want to set you up for selling success.
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